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Published: 25th February 2011
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At a 35 km distance from Salem, Yercaud is a classic hill station in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Located in the Eastern Ghats of the Shevaroys range, the territory of Yercaud hill is also known as Shevaroy Hills. Set amidst the commanding elevation of 1515 m, Yercaud is one of the most visited tourists spot of the region, hence it is also called the ''Jewel of the South''. The name-Yercaud is derived from a lake, situated at the center of the place. In Tamil language 'Yeri' means lake and 'Kaddu' means forest. Yercaud is best known for its coffee plantation and orange woods.

Highlights of Yercaud:

The National Orchidarium:

The National Orchidarium along with a Botanical Garden was established here in 1963, which is maintained by Southern Circle of Botanical Survey of India. Spread over an area of 18.4 hectares the orchidarium houses 3000 trees and 1800 shrubs. Also it is blessed with rich wildlife, which accommodates a rich variety of fauna as bison, deer, mongoose, hares, rabbits, ant-eater, partridges, several species of snakes and birds like bulbul, kites, sparrows, paradise flycatcher, swallows etc.

Yercaud Lake:

Yercaud Lake is the main attraction of the place, that abruptly catches your attention. It is surrounded in the lap of the magnificent gardens and lush green trees. The cold and crystal clear water of the lake leaves a refreshing impact, while a boat ride in the lake will engrave you with most amazing experience.

The Servaroyan Temple:

The Servaroyan Temple is situated at the peak point of the Shevaroys hills. It is a very beautiful temple adorned with wonderful carving work. The temple is famous for the festival, celebrated in the month of May by the local folks. Due to its picturesque location, the temple attracts a large number of visitors.

Green House:

Green House is the perfect place for nature lovers. It is an awesome orchid, having the most beautiful and colorful plants. The main attraction of the orchid is rose garden. Numerous varieties of roses and many other flowers make this place heaven. Also the numerous orange trees make the place worth visit.

Bear's Cave:

Bear's Cave is located near the Norton Bungalow, which is the oldest bungalow of Yercaud. It is formed by the two huge boulders, lies in between the way of Servaroyan Temple. The cave is around 7 feet below the ground level and supposed to be extended till Kaveri (Karnataka), which covers a distance of about 485 km. But the tourists can not go beyond some hundred meters inside the cave as it is blocked by the rocks.

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